There is an old proverb: go to the doctor to treat you before you are sick, Chinese medicine will treat you when you are sick, and go to a doctor to treat you before you are sick. Therefore, preventive medicine is actually the most important part of future medical development. In view of this, the team has spent more than ten years and spent hundreds of millions of dollars on preventive medicine research, and actively develops its own brand products, hoping to contribute to the development of preventive medicine and The health of the general public can do their best. The team’s insistence on its own products: Never brag and deceive, only dare to speak loudly if you are honest.



Ourteam adheres to the quality of product production. The raw materials are completely commissioned to a specific cGMP factory for production, and then shipped to a GMP food factory for OEM and finished products, which fully comply with the ISO22000 food safety management system. The final product will also be sent to well-known inspection companies from time to time ( SGS, Taimei Inspection Technology) has re-inspected various food safety regulations. In addition, the products are also covered by food safety insurance to protect the rights and interests of consumers and make eating more at ease.