Preventive Medicine Chapter Three

We observe and record microvascular patterns (abbreviated: tube loops) under a microscope to study the correlation between vascular aging and poor blood circulation and clinical manifestations, and the results of changes in tube loops and clinical manifestations after a series of restoration of microcirculation . Let us briefly explain the differences between “normal loops” and “abnormal loops” in the following, so that everyone can have a preliminary understanding. There are three conditions for the formation of normal loops: (1) good cardiopulmonary function and sufficient circulatory power. (2) The smoothness of the lumen of the blood vessel is good, and the flow resistance is extremely low. (3) The cleanliness of blood should be high, the viscosity should be small, and the turbidity should be low. If one of the above three conditions is not met, abnormal vascular loops will easily appear. In principle, as long as 60-70% of most of the vascular loops meet the normal type, otherwise it is vascular aging and Poor blood circulation.

Loops in normal healthy adults

Presenting a “hairpin shape”, the shape is straight and smooth, the thickness is uniform, the color is continuous and distinct, and the outline is clear. (380×)

Loops of an adult with paresthesia (numbness) in an extremity

The shape is twisted and uneven, the length is short, the thickness is uneven, the color is intermittent and unclear, and the outline is unclear. (380×)

The so-called “frozen three feet is not a day’s cold”, many diseases and aging problems are not caused by a short period of time, but are caused by poor diet (Westernization), work and rest (staying up late), environment (pollution), stress (mental), etc. Cumulative results, eventually causing the body to overwhelm. In addition, as time goes by, the body declines, which accelerates the progress of aging, and what comes with it is only “old suffering and disease”. Therefore, the idiom “see micro-knowledge” completely explains that changes in microcirculation are earlier than changes in the whole body. If you want to change the problems caused by diseases and aging, the best way is to start with microcirculation: recuperate microcirculation. Maybe we can’t change the environmental (pollution) and stress (spiritual) factors, but we can try our best to adjust the diet (not Westernized), work and rest (not staying up late), etc. Reducing the aggravating factors is equivalent to reducing the physical load, plus additional micro recovery. Circulation is enough to deal with other external adverse factors. Remember, don’t let your biological age surpass your chronological age.

Remarks: Pay attention to eating habits, shared by experienced physicians, for readers’ reference:

  • Eat less hot and dry foods: baked (bread, cakes, biscuits), fried (it is best to remove the skin), barbecued, spicy, etc.
  • Eat less processed food: it is easy to ingest preservatives, pigments, food additives, carcinogens, etc.
  • Eat less raw and cold food: lettuce, fruit, vegetable juice, vegetable juice, uncooked food or drinking water (mineral water).
  • Drink water in moderation: Water can carry a boat, but it can also overturn it. Too little is not good, but too much will increase the burden on the circulatory system, and the body feels heavy and fatigued.