Q5:How long is the revascularization time? How long can it last?

According to the statistical results, the vascular reconstruction time needs to be continuous for 90 consecutive days (except for women’s menstrual period). The results of reconstruction will be lifelong. After the reconstruction of blood vessels is completed, we recommend maintenance for 15 to 30 days every six months, so that the blood flow can be maintained above 75% of the normal amount, and local tissues and organs can be prevented from premature aging due to hypoxia. In addition, our vascular reconstruction is systemic, not single or localized, so it is definitely more effective than stent placement.


Q6.Who needs revascularization?

As long as it is a blood or vascular-related disease, vascular reconstruction can be accepted, and all of them can help to a certain extent. According to our clinical testing period (2004-2016), the indications for revascularization were as follows: (1) Peripheral arterial occlusive disease: 47%; (2) Immune-related dermatitis: 19%; (3) Degenerative disease Osteoarthritis: 13%; (4) Cerebrovascular disease: 9%; (5) Cardiac coronary stenosis (angina pectoris): 8%; (6) Immune rheumatic disease: 2%; (7) Degenerative retinopathy: 2%. The cumulative number of complete cases reached 305, and the overall effective rate was over 90%.

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