Q8:What conditions need to be cooperated in the process of vascular reconstruction?

The following items are very important and must be carefully cooperated: (1) Except for women who are in the menstrual period or suffer any major illness or death, do not arbitrarily interrupt the process, otherwise it will affect the progress of vascular reconstruction; (2) Sleep as much as possible (3) Be careful with your diet, eat less food or drink with high fat and sugar content, and avoid cold food temporarily; (4) Cooperate with exercise, massage, hot compress or acupuncture to speed up the progress of vascular reconstruction.


Q9:How long does it take to feel noticeable during revascularization?

According to the research on blood flow changes and clinical symptoms, it is found that when the blood flow rises to more than 25%, the clinical symptoms will begin to alleviate or disappear, and the time required is about 30 days. days, even 14 days in the best record.


Q10:Is it normal for the skin to become fair or smooth during revascularization?

As we all know, the skin is extremely related to the subcutaneous microcirculation. When the subcutaneous microcirculation improves, the skin naturally receives abundant blood to nourish and nourish, so the change of the skin is an inevitable phenomenon, which should not be too surprising.


Q11:Is it normal for constipation to improve during revascularization?

At present, there are many constipation problems, which are caused by poor intestinal blood circulation, resulting in insufficient smooth muscle peristalsis, resulting in functional constipation. When intestinal blood circulation is enhanced, the peristaltic power of smooth muscle naturally increases, so the problem of functional constipation is naturally solved.

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