Normal and healthy

capillaries show clear, thick, long and straight shape. They look like hair pins. We can find red blood cells move very fast in the lumens.

Abnormal and sick

capillaries show unclear, thin, short and twisting shape. The reasons are related to increase viscosity of blood, decrease volume of blood, or decrease strength of cardiopulmonary function. We can find red blood cells move slowly or a small quantity in the lumens.


This forty years female suffered from blurred vision, easy fatigue, numbness of fingers and toes, and chapping of skin for three years. No underlying disease was found after health checkup. Because of the annoying symptoms, she received our suggestion to recuperate microcirculation. First, we performed microcirculative examination by microscope(380x). And we recorded the 01-day, 20-day, 40-day, and 60-day variations of capillaries of left fourth fingernail. The results were amazing and them were showed following pictures. Finally, her symptoms disappeared after 60-day recovery of microcirculation.

01-day picture:unclear, thin, short and atrophic capillaries

20-day picture:more clear, thick and longer capillaries

40-day picture:very clear, straight and longer capillaries

60-day picture:maintain clear, thick, straight and long capillaries